Do ethics have a place in the fashion world?

I love fashion. The best day of my month is the day my Vogue subscription comes through my door. I spend hours every day trawling through Twitter looking at fashion shows and couture. I also love the planet we live in and the animals we co-habit with; and, for these reasons, am vegan. I had [...]



Following Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's announcement that he is in the process of going vegan, discussions concerning veganiam and reductionism are being brought to the forefront. Because it's true that veganism is a process: many people are fully aware of the evils of the animal agriculture industry before they fully cut animal products out of [...]

Am I a Bad Feminist for not owning a Topshop ‘FEMINIST’ T-shirt? On Fast Fashion and the Impact on Women Globally

In the past few years, feminism has been catapulted into the eyes of the media and young people. No longer a “dirty” word associated with radicals and “nasty women” like in previous generations, today’s young people are progressive and advocates for gender equality. A women’s rights charity, Plan International UK, recently carried out a poll [...]

Anne: the Forgotten Brontë

Jane Eyre is a staple on the high school English teacher's shelf. Rochester's masculine and mature demeanour an apparent hit among Charlotte fans who admire Jane and worship Rochester. Wuthering Heights is a cult classic. Heathcliff's brooding and sense of self-assurance exasperating and Cathy's selfishness and hypocrisy infuriating, accompanied by the ravishing beauty of the moors [...]

Post A Level Limbo.

Like many British 18 year olds, I am currently stuck in the post-A Level limbo. This state consists of actually being able to spend your money on objects other than stationary and copious amounts of coffee; seeing friends in settings other than emotionally-charged study centres; sleeping past 9am with no guilt; as well as having [...]