The words “obstinate, headstrong girl” were initially assigned to Elizabeth Bennet by Lady Catherine De Bourgh in Jane Austen’s masterpiece ‘Pride and Prejudice’. Lizzie is a great influence of mine. She is witty and brave, independent and strong. Lizzie is everything I’d like to be; and this blog, I hope, a modern Lizzie Bennet would read and enjoy!

I have blogged about books for years, yet this blog is going to be a combination of many of my passions: from books to feminism to fashion to veganism to history and art.

I’m a first year English Literature student at the University of Birmingham, and an aspiring journalist. I’m a cynical idealist infatuated with romanticism literature, Chanel, and Anne Brontë: most commonly spotted dressing like a Parisian; toting around a copy of ‘Orlando’; sipping a soy latte; and uttering the words “ANNE BOLEYN DESERVED BETTER”.

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