Sex and the City Turns 20: A Legacy and Life Lessons

Today, June 6th 2018, marks twenty years since the first episode of Sex and the City was aired on HBO. It has been two decades since Carrie donned her tulle ensemble for the first time and was drenched by an NYC bus with her face on the side of it; and in those years that... Continue Reading →


DJ Khaled’s Wife and Rihanna: Women in Unequal Relationships and Men’s Sense of Entitlement

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is doing quite well for herself currently. She just released a fashion line; her make up line sold out in minutes; she has plans to drop a lingerie line; and has promised us new music. Yet Drake, her ex (you know, that guy whose lyrics "I only love my bed and my... Continue Reading →

Ending Period Poverty. Period.

Research suggests that women spend, on average, £492 annually having periods. Women are forced to fork out for sanitary towels/tampons; new underwear and clothes to replace that which has been stained a nasty shade of reddish-brown; pain relief; comfort food to nurse cramps and cravings; as well as toiletries to cure break outs and other... Continue Reading →

Happy Galentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is arguably one of the most resented occasions of the year, with restaurants fully booked; chocolates marked up in price; and smug couples' post littering Instagram feeds. Some people use the day to tell their partner how much they love and appreciate them, whereas others use it as a day to tell their... Continue Reading →

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